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Giuseppe Attardi

Giuseppe Attardi teaches informatics at the University of Pisa. Holding a degree in information sciences, he took part in the development of the first MIT windows system and of Arianna, the first Italian search engine. He developed document analysis techniques which combine statistical and semantic analysis, including Natural Language Processing, for semantic search and automated translation. He is currently in charge of the Computing and Storage Department at GARR, the Italian Research and Education Network.

Davide LamannaDavide Lamanna

Davide Lamanna

Expert in cloud architectures and IT infrastructures based on OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes and Ansible, active since 2001 on the design and implementation of clusters, distributed systems and virtualization systems, is a first-rate trainer, consultant and PM with international experience. PhD in Computer Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome, has worked for more than 2 years at University College London and has founded Binario Etico, company focused on Cloud Computing and IT Automation.

Alex Barchiesi

PHD in Particle Physics and researcher at CERN within the ATLAS experiment, Barchiesi is at present senior cloud architect at the Italian research and education network (GARR), responsible of research and development activities for cloud infrastructures and architecture at the Distributed Storage and Computing department. Always for GARR, Barchiesi also conducted several training courses on OpenStack dedicated to the Italian research and education community.

Heidi BretzHeidi Bretz

Heidi Bretz

Heidi leads the foundation's efforts to grow and nurture a strong ecosystem around OpenStack.
Heidi has spent over 15 years in the technology world in leadership positions with companies in Silicon Valley and in Seattle including Netscape, Red Herring, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services. She originally launched her career in banking spending nine years with Drexel Burnham Lambert, Wells Fargo and Hambrecht & Quist before falling in love with cutting edge technology when her bank (H&Q) was taking Netscape public . She made the career leap to Netscape and tech and has never looked back! Her passions besides game changing technologies, are cycling, skiing, music and almost any sport that involves speed.

Federico MinzoniFederico Minzoni

Federico Minzoni

Federico Minzoni (lead developer at Enter Cloud Suite). Software Developer. Wannabe artist. Docker Community Leader. Automation and containers are Federico's current interests, two topics that are revolutionizing the entire process of development and release of solutions on the cloud; the field in which he has now been working for over 5 years in Enter, taking care of our OpenStack platform.
Jan van EldikJan van Eldik

Jan van Eldik

Jan van Eldik studied experimental High-Energy Physics at the University of Amsterdam, working on the DELPHI experiment during the 1990’s. He joined CERN’s IT department in 2000, and has been working as a Service Manager in a variety of services – monitoring, data, virtualization.Since 2012, Jan has been leading the team that operates CERN’s private OpenStack cloud. This service provides resources to the physics experiments and other customer groups in the organization, and has grown to an infrastructure of 150.000 cores, providing Virtual Machines, Block Storage and Containers to end-users.

Kenneth TanKenneth Tan

Kenneth Tan

Dr Kenneth Tan has been in the large scale systems sector for 18+ years. At Sardina Systems, Kenneth leads a highly talented product development team, experienced in developing software targeting some of the largest supercomputers in the world, now building OpenStack automation software, to optimize OpenStack cloud operations. He was previously with CloudFabriQ, BNP Paribas, OptimaNumerics, in product development and business development roles, involving products and services sold to major data center operators in automotive, energy, defence, meteo, finance. He has led teams in UK, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Germany.

Simone ZanottiSimone Zanotti

Simone Zanotti

Born in Bergamo, Italy, where I spent my growing up years and earlier professional experiences. At age 12, I got my first Win3.1 PC enabling me to run command line and others funny stuff like Sensible Soccer. Ever since then, I find computers fascinating and spent many good hours exploring technology and what it can do for all of us. After some years as IT Project Manager and Technology consultant i joined Alchelabo’s challenges embracing true opensource philosophy and bringing my contribute to make OpenStack accessible to every company.

Ettore SimoneEttore Simone

Ettore Simone

Long term ICT consultant, Ettore Simone has built his career and his reputation supporting large enterprise companies and designing highly critical projects. His firmly belief in the opensource community brought him to create, in early 00s, the Italian branch of a worldwide renowned opensource brand. After some years there, Ettore took his own way founding his first company, which was sold some years later. Time for new challenges had come and while IT market started facing Cloud technologies Ettore founded Alchelabo together with other OpenStack “addicted” guys to bring to life TruStack. TruStack is true opensource, automated, containerized, available in hyperconvergence and fully scalable. TruStack is exactly ad a cloud platform should be nowadays, made by who love opensource and knows the needs of customers
Vincenzo AlongeVincenzo Alonge

Vincenzo Alonge

More than twenty years experience in information technologies, with in-depth expertise on the Open Source world and Cybersecurity. He is engaged on cloud migration strategies with architectures where Openstack, Ansible and Docker runs. Involved for Fata Informatica as Principal Project Manager in national and international projects he is also an active cybersecurity teacher in “Train the trainer” sessions for national security agencies Today it is one of the pillars of the company, thanks to the high level of professionalism achieved and runs successfully the Sentinet3 project, the only Italian system included in the Gartner's Market Guide for IT Monitoring Tools

Andrea FranceschiniAndrea Franceschini

Andrea Franceschini

Born in Rome, I spent my forming years playing and programming with C64 and Amiga , felt in love with FreeBSD on later years and short after become addicted with networking and Opensource.
For the last 15 years I've worked in Poste Italiane as Network Infrastructure Team Leader.
Now responsibile for Digital Infrastructure, I've spent the last 2 years trying to bring Openstack and IaaS approach inside the group.

Giovanni MerlinoGiovanni Merlino

Giovanni Merlino

Giovanni Merlino earned his Electronics Engineering degree from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Messina (UniMe) and his international PhD degree in Computer and Telecommunications Engineering from the Department of Engineering (DIEEI) at the University of Catania (UniCt). Until 2012 he worked as manager for the EGI (Grid) site belonging to the Faculty of Engineering at UniMe. He has worked as Contractor at UniMe for a EU-funded POR project about sensing devices, Cloud computing, and power management strategies. He is now research fellow at UniMe under the EU H2020 BEACON project, including leadership of testbed management activities, as well as UniMe node manager for XI-FI and a long-standing member of the Mobile and Distributed Systems Lab (MDSLab) at UniMe. His research activity is currently focused on mobile and distributed systems with particular emphasis on Cloud paradigms, Edge computing, Internet of Things, Network Virtualization, Smart sensors, and crowdsensing, co-leading the design of Stack4Things, an OpenStack-based Sensing-and-Actuation-as-a-Service framework for I/Oclouds, co-authoring over 50 papers in international journals and conferences, participating in technical program committees of international conferences, as well as spearheading efforts for an official and crowdfunded research initiative (#SmartME) to deploy and operate an experimental Smart City testbed in Messina. Since 2013 he is teaching assistant at UniMe for the course in Computer Networks and since 2014 for the course in Embedded Systems too. Since 2015 he is teaching assistant at UniMe for the course in Distributed Systems and there acknowledged as Fellow (italian title: “Cultore della Materia”) in Distributed Systems as well. He is co-founder of the SmartMe.io (http://smartme.io) academic spin-off company.

Andrea Dell'AmicoAndrea Dell'Amico

Andrea Dell'Amico

Andrea started working as a sysadmin consultant in 1995, always using only free software tools. After many years as technical manager for a small company in Pisa, in 2013 he joined ISTI-CNR. At present, his main activities concern the automation of the configuration and deployment of almost one hundred of services run by the D4Science and D-Net groups, and the configuration and maintenance of the storage and virtualisation services.

Massimiliano RomanoMassimiliano Romano

Massimiliano Romano

Started working on NFV projects based on Openstack since 2014. He is a DevOps Expert embracing Everything as Code philosophy.
Consultant and trainer, he daily works with technologies like Openstack, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, Openshift helping customers to build fully automated workflows starting from Infrastructure-as-a-Code to Continuous Deployment.

Stefano StalioStefano Stalio

Stefano Stalio

Stefano Stalio has been working as an INFN staff and IT expert since 2001. Since then he administers the computing and storage resources used by the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso scientific community and, starting from year 2010, he has had a leading role in the development and management of the LNGS “U-Lite” computing infrastructure. More recently he has been involved in the design of a geographically distributed OpenStack based IaaS Cloud for INFN, the “INFN Corporate Cloud”, and he is co-leader of the group that is in charge of realizing this project.

Roberto RealeRoberto Reale

Marco Chiandusso

Marco Chiandusso is Consultant Engineer Specialist in Cloud infrastructure at JUNIPER NETWORKS. He is currently working at Juniper Networks as pre-sales specialist for cloud and virtual networking solutions. Before taking on his current role, he was acting as Senior System Engineer in same of the major Service Provider Networks.
Luigi AnnunziataLuigi Annunziata

Luigi Annunziata

Experienced Network Engineer with a strong know-how in designing and planning of IP networks for ISP, Enterprise, Finance and Public Sector.
In the last 5 year I have focused my activity on the datacenter virtualization technologies such as SDN, Openflow, VXLAN, and NFV. Working in the Nuage team (SDN division of Nokia) I help customers to virtualize the network and benefit of the new possibility introduced by cloud, automation and SDN, where Openstack plays a key role.
Roberto di LalloRoberto di Lallo

Roberto di Lallo

Roberto di Lallo is researcher in SDN at Roma Tre University where he recently discussed his PhD thesis. Expert of K8s and cloud DevOps at the Consortium GARR working full time in the cloud department, his main activity focuses on the development and management of the GARR Federated Cloud Computing.
Riccardo BernasconiRiccardo Bernasconi

Riccardo Bernasconi

Riccardo Bernasconi is Mellanox Regional Sales Manager for Italy.
Riccardo earned his degree in Telecommunications Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, and in Electronics at French Ecole Superieure d'Electricite.
Moving his first career steps as a Consultant and Networking engineer, he stepped into growing Sales and Sales Managernt roles while retaining a fresh eye and focus on the evolution of networking, specifically in relation to Cloud-oriented services and enabling technologies
Roberto RealeRoberto Reale

Roberto Reale

Roberto Reale sports a mixed background, in humanities, mathematics, economics, and information technology. Since the late ‘90s he has grown more and more interested in open community models and open source projects: eager to “get his hands dirty”, he contributes to the GNU Find Utilities and the Hurd OS project, by the Free Software Foundation. On a professional side, he has served as a software developer, system and database administrator, data architect, and project manager; today he strives to help businesses and public agencies to overcome a long-established fear for digital transformation. As the proud founder of Viduo, a think tank focused on the digital citizenship, he believes in technology as an enabler for democracy. Roberto is also a member of the Italian Association for Machine Learning and the Roman chapter of Legal Hackers.

Marco PaschettaMarco Paschetta

Marco Paschetta

Infrastructure and Cloud Services Project Manager - I deal with the automation of Nivola's processes and infrastructure automation levels, with a focus on OpenStack Heat / Ansible
Alessandro RennaAlessandro Renna

Alessandro Renna

Long time Linux and Open Source enthusiast, he joined SUSE in 2001 as a trainer and support specialist. Currently he's responsible for the italian sales engineering orgnization. In SUSE he also deals with the coordination of enablement activities and training of customers and SUSE ecosystem of partners.

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